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20 Mar 2021

Yorkshire hemp supply chain study to be unveiled

A new report examines the opportunities of hemp production and supply in Yorkshire.

Grow Yorkshire has commissioned research into the current supply chain to see how the region could potentially play a bigger part in an industry estimated to be worth more than £3bn globally.

Report authors will outline their research, which includes interviews with growers, businesses and academics linked to hemp production and supply in the region, at a free webinar. This takes place on Thursday 25 March from 2pm – 3pm. To join, visit the online event registration page here.

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Hemp has a range of uses, including building materials, biofuel and clothing. In Yorkshire, around 1,600 tonnes of hemp is produced annually, which is approximately 35-40% of the current UK output.

Better understanding

Mark Blakeston, Grow Yorkshire Lead, said: “This report provides us with a better understanding of the supply chain in Yorkshire for hemp and outlines where there are gaps and opportunities.  Hemp is a relatively niche crop at present but there’s growing demand and interest thanks to the environmental benefits hemp offers and the diverse range of uses it has commercially.

“The report points to a short term goal of collaborative working among hemp supply chain stakeholders, to help share expertise and mirror similar approaches aboard where clusters have formed to pool resources. We would welcome anyone with an interest in the field to join us at the webinar to hear more about the findings and what the next steps could be.”

Growing the sector

Grow Yorkshire is a York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership-led initiative, working with partners to help the region’s farming and food production businesses to build resilience. The Supply Chain Network has also contributed to the production of the report, written by consultancy firm Promar International.

Emma Gough, Senior Consultant at Promar International, said: “Our research has shown that the hemp sector in Yorkshire plays a significant role in the UK hemp industry. There are a large number of passionate and pro-active stakeholders that have the opportunity to collaborate and strengthen the existing supply chain going forward. We hope that this research can be a starting point towards growing the sector for the future.”


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